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Board positions at ELSA-Bremen

This is an overview of the current board positions at ELSA-Bremen

The President represents the association externally. One of his responsibilities is to recruit supporters, sponsors and new association members but also to maintain existing contacts. In addition to that he/she seeks cooperation with other student initiatives and develops a strategy for the association. Therefore he/she needs to be able to coordinate the association with the collaboration of the presidium and he/she has to be aware of the different areas of responsibility. Internally the president is – next to the Secretary General – responsible for the organization and coordination of the work of the Executive board.

The Secretary General is responsible for the internal administration of ELSA-Bremen e.V. This includes membership administration, storage of important data, registration in the association register at the local court as well as the organization of office hours, workshops and the general assembly. Other tasks are the supervision of compliance with our guidelines and the articles of association at all activities of ELSA-Bremen e.V. In collaboration the President, he/she leads the association and supports the members of the Executive board at their work.

The Treasurer leads the chair together with the President and the Secretary General and as such he/she is also responsible for the activities performed by the association. His remit includes any type of conduct of ELSA-Bremen e.V. which is connected with money. For example this means events, marketing measures that have to be financed, the collection of the membership fee and the account management.

The Executive Board Member for Marketing is responsible for the public image of ELSA-Bremen. This means designing and developing advertisement and leaflets as well as advertising campaigns. In addition to that he/she is responsible for the appearance of ELSA-Bremen in social media like Facebook.

The Executive Board Member for Seminars and Conferences (S&C) forms one of the key areas at ELSA together with the Executive Board Member of Academic Activities (AA) and the Executive Board Member of the Student Trainee Exchange Programme (STEP). ELSA’s  Seminars  and  Conferences  key  area  serves  to  complement  the  formal  university curriculum  by  raising  students’  consciousness  and  understanding  of  global,  legal,  social, economic   and   environmental   issues.   The programme   includes   conferences,   law   schools, seminars and study visits.

Academic   Activities   are   focused   on   contributions   toward   legal   education, involving   the development of legal knowledge through guided practical activities. AA is a diverse field and it constitutes a key area at ELSA-Bremen. The Executive Board Member for Academic Activities organizes panel discussions, lectures, Moot Courts and “L@W Events" (Lawyers-at-Work) with undertakings and major law firms.

The Student Trainee Exchange Programme (STEP) enables law students and young lawyers to spend a period of time working abroad in a law related area. Thus introducing them to a different legal system and enabling them to gain valuable professional experience. ELSA supplements the traineeship schemes of law firms, companies, banks, universities, public and private institutions, and provides suitable trainees for both short and long-term placements.


At this time ELSA-Bremen e.V. does not have an Executive Board Member for STEP. Therefore we would be pleased if you want to join us with the intention to take on this position.