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You are the lawyer! Experience a day of a lawyer at one of the ELSA-intern competitions, collect valuable experience and get an inside view on the vocational challenges that will expect you as a lawyer.

The competitions show what ELSA is really all about: international experience and vocational preparation with an academic aspect. The competitions are constructed realistically and held in English. In the final round of both competitions, participants from all over the world compete against each other.

Client Interviewing Competition:

The Client Interviewing Competition simulates a client meeting. For this purpose, teams consisting of two students can participate in three rounds: Within the German Network, there is a local and a national level. The national winning team qualifies for the international final – the ‘Louis M. Brown and Forest S. Mosten International Client Consultation Competition’.

The CIC provides a great opportunity for law students to learn and practice interviewing and counselling skills and therefore experience one of the important aspect of the attorney work 

Negotiation Competition:

The Negotiation Competition is a simulation of a negotiation between two parties. Each team consisting of two students represents a fictional client. The competition consists of three levels: Within the German network, there is a local and a national level. The winning team of the national round qualifies to participate in the International Negotiation Competition, which is organized, sponsored and administered by the American Bar Association on an annual basis.

By participating, the students gain and deepen valuable Soft Skills and negotiating abilities. The evaluation criteria are for example teamwork within the group, confident manner, the negotiation strategy and the behavior towards the other parties.

Make use your possibilities and gain useful experiences as a lawyer!